Sometimes we wear a watch — you know, the analog thing that goes on your wrist. Most of the time we don’t even set it since, like everyone else, we use our Apple Watch or iPhone to actually tell time.

We now consider old-fashioned watches jewelry, you see.

Like a string of pearls, a beautiful watch can look like an heirloom, like those ones from  March Hare.

In classic designs, these timepieces elevate even jeans and a white tee. The Kimsey (above) comes in silver or gold and costs $350.

The Harriet watch also comes in both metals and also retails for $350.

Founder Mabel McLean explains she lost a beloved vintage watch her mom handed down to her, and when she couldn’t find a replacement, she created a brand of timeless (see what we did there?) pieces.

Consider it an heirloom and pass it down!