In the 17th century, freckles were considered the “mark of the devil” and later, a sign of someone who worked outside and therefore not from the upper class.

And If you had freckles growing up, chances are people made fun of them. Oh, how things change.


Now freckles are having a moment.

Freckle filters started to pop up on Snapchat and Instagram and beauty stores have added all types of freckle products to create faux freckles, such as the original ‘Freck’pen, now joined by Lime Crime Freckle Pen and the Nabla Freckle Maker. Always count on the beauty industry to capitalize on a trend.



Part of this trend is because attitudes towards so-called ‘flaws’ is different now. And having celebs embrace their freckles made a seismic change. Looking at you  Lucy Liu, Gisele Bündchen, and Alicia Keys.

Famously, Meghan Markle has called seeing her freckles Photoshopped out in magazines her ‘pet-peeve.’

Embrace your natural freckles; even when the pendulum swings back, as it inevitably will.

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