natural soaps are sooo much more than just a bar of suds. The company make all the soaps the old-fashioned way, combining premium quality oils, butters, & pure essential oils, and are so gentle that they don’t strip your skin of natural moisture.

We got the ZAAINA ‘floral pack’ to review and fell in love with the rose and the gentle Dead Sea Mud which really deep-cleans the skin.

Crafted using the ‘traditional cold process method in small batches to maintain its freshness,’ it’s a bit of luxury for your bath. ( 6 bars for $49.99.)



Floral Pack: (1) Lavender, (1) Rose, (1) Activated Charcoal, (1) Dead Sea Mud, (1) Rosemary Tea Tree Eucalyptus, (1) Lavender Lemongrass
Refresh Pack: (1) Rainforest (1) Refresh (1) Coastal (1) Energy (1) Into the Woods (1) Rise & Shine

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