Sometimes you need to shake up your beauty routine…and the best way to do that is to treat yourself to some new, fun makeup in colors you’ve maybe never tried before.




We love the Hard Candy makeup line for the reasonably priced, cruelty-free products and some we’ve put in regular rotation, such as the $7 Plumping Serum for lips. (We went for the pinkish ‘Girl Next Door ‘ shade.) It’s a lip gloss with a hint of color that looks good day and night.



Plumping serum.

And who wouldn’t want to play around with ‘Velvet Paint’ which you can swipe on as an eye shadow, highlight, or a lipstick. $6.


Velvet Paint.


PR sent us a b-i-g box of makeup to try (yes, we’re very lucky) so we tried the Look Pro Eyeshadow kit (below) and were surprised how many of the shades complimented our skin and hair color. ($10.)



And we’re all about their classic nail polishes…



So do a little experimenting! At Hard Candy you won’t break the bank.