‘We’re swimming in plastic. By 2050, there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish.’

If that doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will.

The brand Bite (which stands for Because It’s The Earth) aims to create plastic-free products, starting with their ‘bite’ sized toothpaste that comes in a refillable glass jar. (We use their Fresh Mint toothpaste bits made with clean ingredients.)



Did you know more than a billion toothpaste tubes are tossed into landfills? That’s reason enough to make the switch but we also like the convenience, taste, and natural whitening of the Bite toothpaste ‘bits.’

Now the forward-thinking company has branched into deodorant with an all-natural (no aluminum or chemicals) which comes in a refillable sleek aluminum case. Paperboard refills will help end the 15 million pounds of plastic deodorant packaging that end up as unrecyclable trash.




The compostable refills are baking soda and aluminum-free, meaning they are safe for sensitive skin and contain zinc ricinoleate to absorb and neutralize odor.

The company says the scents are ‘formulated to be as complex as a high-end fragrance.’ We haven’t tried any of them yet, but here are your choices.

    • Rose Vert (Modern, dewy rose)
    • Neroli (bright fresh citrus)
    • Santal (sexy, smokey sandalwood)


Starting September 21st, Bite will offer deodorant via subscription, $44 for 1 case and two refills. All 2 pack refills afterward will be sold for $32.00. 

Because it’s the earth.


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