If you want to begin further training as a dealer, you can rest assured that you definitely need to be proficient in certain skills. You will have to deal with big money and therefore your history must be absolutely flawless. 

There shouldn’t be a single black spot in your story. In addition, many casino operators place a high value on proficiency in languages such as French, German, Italian, and even Chinese. You definitely must not have any weaknesses in arithmetic and you must be especially good at calculus speed.

If you visit a Canadian web platform that provides a live streaming of the roulette game, you can get your first glimpse of how a roulette dealer works. You can even play live roulette and follow the dealer’s actions. You can take a closer look to get some initial information about the work.



What about the roulette dealer’s salary?

If you are interested in the profession of a dealer because you believe that you can make big money here, you will quickly be disappointed. According to ca.talent.com, the average salary for a casino dealer in 2022 is $38,318 a year.

The working hours are usually 40 hours per week. If you work part-time, the working hours will of course vary. If you want to find out in advance whether the profession as a roulette dealer is interesting for you, you can participate in seminars in advance and get first insights. In any case, a career as a dealer is very varied. You always have to deal with a lot of people and who knows, maybe a celebrity will stray to your table.

Do dealers also receive tips?

Tipping, of course, is especially interesting for the dealer. It adds significantly to the monthly salary. However, it is important that the dealer always thank the players in a friendly manner and, of course, share the tip with his colleagues. It is also worth taking into account the following information about tips in casinos. In baccarat you should expect a tip of 1 to 1.5% of the winnings, in poker about 1% of the pot won. If you get a job as a dealer in a casino that is popular with tourists and there are a lot of players playing in it all the time, you can earn quite a lot in a month from the tips.




Of course, you should always strive for more. For this reason, you can set a goal of trying to work as a dealer in a Las Vegas casino. But we want to warn you right away that it will be much more difficult to get a job there without any experience. For this reason, it’s best if you first gain experience somewhere in casinos in Ontario. And after a year or two, try your luck in Las Vegas.