Ahhh, summer…sun, beach, BBQ …and those pesky mosquitoes. This year we got (technically, PR sent us ) an INZECTO ,an inventive mosquitoes trap that is eco-friendly and safe around pets including all beneficial insects.



It’s easy to set up — just add tap water — and it soon gave us a mosquito-free zone. We liked it so much we bought a second one to hang from a tree.

  • Activate simply by adding water.
  • The black and red colors attract female mosquitoes, while the sides of the trap have a ribbed structure to reduce airflow since mosquitoes prefer wind-protected areas.
  • The trap includes a leaf-infusion mixture as a food source for the larvae and for the female mosquito to find an acceptable environment to lay her eggs.

The company says it lasts for up to 1,000 rinses which equals a lot of fun outdoors!

Available at Amazon (2 traps for $39.99.)