The Tie & Apron  was pitched as a gag gift but we love it for all the cooks in the family — male and female!



Combining the elegance of a tie with the functionality of an apron, it’s also perfect for when the host doesn’t have time to change back into their party wear.

Dress to impress, indeed.

$39.99 at Amazon.



In our opinion, which we respect, you can never go wrong with gifting a candle. Perfect for hostess gifts as well, there are the new Xmas collections to pick from.

We’re fans of Opal Road, not just for the scents but for the beautiful re-useable containers. Shop by fragrance, ie Floral, Fresh, Fruity, or Woody.

Take the Winter Collection, $58 for three jewel-like candles in an elegant white and gold box with a magnetic closure. Just slap a bow on it and you’re the perfect Santa — or guest.


For film buffs, how about a MISE EN SCÈNT candle? Inspired by old Hollywood, the candles evoke a different time and place. Subtle scents to please everyone.

We have a friend who’s a huge French film buff so the French New Wave candle has her name on it. $36.


We’re such fans of Drop It Wine Drops — the solution for wine headaches — that we’ve gifted them to all of our girlfriends! They work by getting rid of sulfites, those nasty things that are responsible for achy heads the next day. Small enough to carry in your purse or pocket, they’re only $14 bucks. Be a hero and give one this season to your favorite vino drinker.
No wrapping necessary.
A gift almost too beautiful to open, Beau Joie champagne comes in elegant bottles including the new Beau Joie Brut which is now available across the US.
For champs lovers, it makes the perfect holiday gift.
We’ve tried a number of their classics and each was outstanding – dry and bubbly with a scintillating mineral taste. The Beau Joie Brut is around $100 and also makes a great hostess gift as well. You’re definitely getting invited back to that Xmas party next year!