After an uncertain couple of years spent in and out of global lockdowns, international travel and mass gatherings like events, festivals etc., are back and rapidly growing in popularity. With the pandemic causing significant disruptions, cultural festivals such as Mardi Gras, Carnival Rio de Janeiro, Oktoberfest, and many other famous international cultural festivals were put on hold.

As a result of them being limited or canceled for so long, more and more Americans are looking to incorporate some of the most popular festivals into a wider vacation. But why is that the case? We discuss why international cultural festivals are becoming more popular below:


It Can Make Your Trip More Memorable

If you were to ask a US traveler what made their last vacation so memorable, they would most likely say something along the lines of beautiful weather, stunning views, and tasty food. And while these are all vital in creating a memorable vacation, sometimes it isn’t about what you see on your vacation that makes it unique it’s what you do.

Sure, the weather might have been over nineteen degrees each day – you can experience this in any other hot country. On the other hand, it’s not every day that you get to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain or participate in the other adventure activities in Brazil since they’re native to – well – Brazil!



Even more unique is being a part of the five-day celebration of Carnival Rio de Janeiro, which attracts millions of people each year, and recounting this unique cultural experience to friends and family members when you land back on your home turf. Interestingly, Google Data analyzed by Audley Travel revealed this festival was voted as the fourth most popular cultural festival among US travelers.


Allows You To Get To Know The People

Whether it’s celebrating the arts or partying on the streets, international cultural festivals are also growing in popularity because they allow tourists to get to know the locals better. Although this might be more challenging at celebrations like Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras, mainly centered on partying, the Mexican Day of the Dead festival is a good example.


Although it might seem strange to join a family that to Americans might seem to be mourning, the Day of The Dead is a time to celebrate in hopes of encouraging a family member’s soul to return home for the celebration.

Visiting Mexico during this time allows US travelers to tour isolated, ingenious villages, where you might be able to interact with the locals (and sometimes stay with them!) and celebrate among them. Giving you a much broader insight into the people of Mexico and the significance of this festival to them.



It Gives You A Better Insight Into Customs/Traditions

Another reason why international cultural festivals have become so popular among US travelers is because they provide better insight into a specific country’s customs/traditions. Whether you’re celebrating with a crowd of people dressed up as skeletons or shaking what your mama gave you as you give yourself over to the Latin groove at the biggest carnival in the world – it allows you to get hands-on with a culture you might not have experienced before.


Not only do you get to party like a local, but you also get to experience the food, beverages, activities etc., that are included, which allows you to immerse yourself into different customs/traditions more quickly (and make it more enjoyable to do so!).