Spending your summer vacations at the sugary shores of the cosmopolitan Mykonos with the fantastic whitewashed architecture, transparent waters, animated nightlife, luxury that has reached unimaginable levels, and night-long parties is, hands down, a superb decision if fun and pampering are a must on the menu for you! What is even more impressive about the beautiful Cyclades Queen is the fact that you can experience all sorts of different adventures to fulfil every fantasy and desire. This includes your beach time that can be as private and isolated or as vibrant and loud as you wish.


But, with more than 40 shores, choosing the ones that best suit your requirements can be daunting. So, here are a few suggestions, where we highlight 3 secluded and quiet beaches, 3 celeb-favored ones, and one that we believe is a fantastic compromise between those six! 



The Low Key

First, we have Fragias Beach, which is literally the definition of a private beach in Mykonos. Once belonging to a Mykonos family, this stretch of fine sand is not accessible via land. You can only reach the shore from the sea exclusively and only if you have a boat or yacht. It is, however, one of the most popular spots along the Mykonos coastline with boat parties, which often migrate to the seaside, with succulent BBQ evenings in truly magical scenery. 

Then comes Vathia Lagada (meaning Deep Grazing in Greek) beach, which adorns the northern tip of the island, some 15km from the capital, Mykonos Town. As its Greek name suggests, it spoils with ravishing views and seascapes, provided that you are willing to take up the challenge that comes wrapped with accessing this beach!



The third option is a fine sand shore called Merchia Beach, with naturally shaded areas and deep, clear, azure waters. Don’t expect any tourist facilities, though, such as sun loungers or umbrellas, so kindly remember to bring your own beach stuff as it will be just you, the sound of the waves gently lapping over the shore, and the warm Mediterranean sun! 


The Diva 

Surely you have heard of popular shores like Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paraga beaches. Rightfully so, as they have put Mykonos on the map as a famous party mecca in the Mediterranean Sea, rivaling Ibiza in top-tier beach services, world-class nightlife, and high-end, cosmopolitan lifestyle. This is also where you will find legendary beach clubs that throw the most animated beach parties, epitomising luxury and even a unique sense of vibrancy, where champagne is showered with and VIP options run wild. 



The Middle Ground

If spending time by the sea with loud music, lots of people, and buzz is not your thing, but, on the other hand, you don’t fancy the idea of spending your days at a remote shore, then Ornos Beach is a fantastic compromise to consider. Lined with restaurants, tavernas, and bars that offer entertainment and fun, Ornos is a picturesque and lively place by the sea with a charming bay, friendly locals, adorable Cycladic architecture, and exceptional 5-star Mykonos hotels providing luxury accommodation, world-class services (i.e., spa and wellness) and lots of exclusive options. 



The nightlife is not as intense as in the other beaches, but very satisfying if you are after a relaxed evening, a romantic dinner, or a slightly more vivid night out. As for the sugary shore itself, it offers several water sports facilities, crystalline waters, and fun times on the beach, without rubbing shoulders with hundreds of other tourists wanting the same things as you, at the same time! 



So, there you have it – the low key, the diva, and the middle ground! Enjoy!