We have a sweet little doxie rescue, Ginger (middle name ‘Bread’), who has terrible separation anxiety. Over time, she’s better but we couldn’t have done it without doggie hemp to calm her.

One of our favorites is Treatibles which she thinks are a, well, a treat, and gobbles down with glee. (That’s her in the featured image.)

But Treat has pet products to help dogs, cats, and even horses feel better. Whether it’s a digestive issue, anxious vet visits, fear of thunderstorms, or aging, stiff joints, the brand offers organic full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products that bring relief naturally.

Founded by Julianna Carella,  a pioneer in creating CBD products for pets, she actually created one of the world’s first medical cannabis brands and created two multi-million dollar enterprises: Auntie Dolores (gourmet edibles for humans) and Treatibles (pets).

So she knows what she’s talking about.


Here’s an idea of their offerings:

  • Soft Chewables – Wonderful for senior dogs and cats as well as pets who prefer a softer consistency, featuring the same benefits as the hard chews. The newly designed heart-shaped Chewables are more resistant to crumbling and can be served whole or easily divided. Starting at $10.


  • Extra Strength – Ideal for pets experiencing discomfort or stress and who require higher potency hemp-derived CBD per administration. Available in hard chews and soft chewables. Starting at $10.
  • Oil Droppers – Helps instill calm and relaxation, addresses discomfort throughout the body, supports the digestive tract and immune system, enhances the function of joints, and promotes the body’s normal inflammatory response. Starting at $34.
  • Happy Treatibles (CBD-Free Option) – The Happy Tummy Probiotic Soft Chewable for Dogs is rich in omega-3 hemp seed oil and features a proprietary blend of bacteria that keep unfriendly organisms at bay. Starting at $22. Also available on Amazon.


It worked for Ginger.