Astronaut Andrew Morgan cast an early vote from the space station in the early election held Tuesday. Think about that next time you skip voting because it was too chilly outside.

The doctor from Pittsburgh is a flight engineer for some of the missions and wanted to vote in his home state elections.

How does this work?  Ed Allison, who runs voter registration for Lawrence Country, explained that they sent Morgan a ‘federal postcard application’ and then a ballot via email — with a secure password. Morgan then marked his choices and sent it back via email.

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In 1997 a Texas bill made it possible to vote from space. NASA was helped by then-Governor  George W. Bush who pushed the bill through because most astronauts come from that State.
It’s not easy though —  the process about a year before they liftoff when the astronauts choose which elections they want to participate in while up in space. Then, they fill out a sort of absentee ballot and when the election comes around, they get the secure email from their county clerk’s offices.
But how do they get their nifty ‘I Voted’ sticker?