‘Tis the season for champagne (if you ask us, it’s ALWAYS champagne season) and you want to celebrate with the good stuff, so treat yourself to a beautiful bottle of Perrier-Jouët. Better yet, bring a bottle to that annual Holiday party. Don’t be surprised when you got a coveted invite to the New Year’s Eve party as well.

When the bubbly is this good, we like to drink it straight, but for those of you wild mixologists out there, here’s a few fancy — and delicious — sounding recipes.

Chagall Cocktail

Glass: Highball

Method: Build in this order:

1oz Plymouth gin

1oz Lillet Rose

.25oz maraschino liquor

Crushed ice

Top with Perrier-Jouët, garnish with a mint bouquet and orange twist.

 perrier-setLe Jardin 

Glass: Flute

Method, shake and top with PJ

1.5oz Absolut Elyx

.25oz Liber & Co. Orgeat Syrup

.25oz Lemon juice

Shake ingredients with ice, strain into a flute, top with Perrier-Jouët. Garnish with a small (pre-washed) sprig of Baby’s Breath.

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