Our style is one of the most identifying factors we have. It’s the way we signal to the world who we are and what we stand for, and it’s also just a lot of fun to perfect and curate our personal style. Many style connoisseurs will actually customise their clothing, adding even more unique flair to every look. If you are hoping to create some signature looks, then follow these 7 tips for customising clothing. 1.

1. Start easy with colour choices

If you are new to customising your fashion, then you can start with customising your colours first. You may be able to find a merchandise brand that allows you to choose the colour of your clothes with any other custom additions. There are more than just teeshirts on offer too, you can also choose speciality items to customise, just as designers will often source wholesale hats in Australia to customise. Take a look around at the merchandising suppliers and see what is possible.




2. Have fun with monogramming

Monogramming is another easy way to start out with customisation, and it has a real luxurious connotation with it also. You can start with leather accessories and then work towards creating a monogrammed clothing collection. You do not have to monogram only your initials, you can monogram nicknames and other short and sweet words that best reflect your style. Have fun with it!



3. Upcycle to your liking

Sometimes we come across clothes that are almost exactly what we want and just need a little customisation. This is when upcycling can be an ethical and practical alternative. Hit the thrift stores and see what items you like and what potential they have as new and improved clothing. Thrifting is a great way to see the full spectrum of style through the ages, and you are going to fine-tune your tastes and customization ideas by upcycling.



4. Patches, pins and badges

Patches, pins and badges are some of the oldest accessories in the book. They are not just for Rock n’ Roll fans either – you can get pins and badges for just about any brand and band you like. There are also some great patches (adhesive or iron-on) that can summarise your social beliefs, which can make it easy for you to spot your people. There are many businesses that can create custom pins, badges and patches so check out what is available and proudly wear your personality.

5. Dye and colour transformation

Dying your clothes is another way to easily and impactfully customise your clothes. You can achieve all kinds of looks with dye, whether you want an all-over colour or something more random like a tye-dye look. There is also great variance in the types of dyes out there, so you will be able to find and use environmentally friendly dyes to customise your clothes. If you are particularly creative, you might have some luck in whipping up your own dye recipes that are gentle on the environment and your skin.


6. Work with an experienced tailor

When it comes to customising your clothes, it does not get more professional and polished than working with a tailor. Your own tailor is going to have the experience and design eye to being an idea or sketch to life, or maybe even help you with a half-baked concept. The longer you work with a tailor and the more you get to know one another, they will start to actually design for you and bring styles to you that they think would work for your frame and personal taste. Not all tailors are made equal, so be sure to shop around and be very clear in what you are looking for to avoid confusion and disappointment. You might also want to ask around for the name of a good tailor to get you started on shortlisting options!


7. Experiment with embroidery Embroidery is another fun way to put your personal style on an outfit, and it only requires a needle and thread. You can either follow a pattern or you can create shapes and designs that are totally yours – it is up to you! Embroidery is seen as something of a lost art (outside of functional embroideries like logos and names), so you might find that embroidering native animals on a jacket can form part of your style. You might even find that embroidering animal print patterns are another fun activity that can give life to your clothing.


Here are just 7 ways that you can customise your clothing in fun and creative ways. Try one or try them all and always interrogate your clothing choices so that you are making fun and personal design choices.