After 4 treatments.

Last week I drank from the fountain of youth. I went under the laser at Next Health in West Hollywood. The ‘Forever Young’ laser treatment. Also called the BBL, the laser uses broad band light to zap away sun spots, shrink pores and plump skin.

With a roster of celebrity clients (sorry we can’t name names) Next Health is one of Hollywood’s top spots when it comes to turning back the clock. And as soon as I met Ross Callahan, the head aesthetic nurse, I knew I was in good hands. 

In order to make my treatment as painless as possible he first applied a thin coating of numbing cream to my entire face. Next it was time to get zapped. The sensation of the laser felt similar to an elastic band snapping my skin — only less painful. And it was quick, 12 minutes to do my entire face.

I left the treatment room looking red and blotchy but about an hour later my skin was it’s usual color — with a ton of added freckles. Fortunately Ross warned me to expect a bunch of freckles to appear, darken and then slough off over the course of a week. Bye bye sun spots! A week later and the dark spots are all gone. And FYI The freckles were no big deal and easy to hide with make-up.

The BBL has “little to no downtime” and the claim proved true for me. I had a mild headache afterwards and felt super tired. But by morning I was as good as new. The following night I noticed my skin was plumper and my make-up glided on. 

Although the treatments are designed to be given in a series, after just one treatment I can see improvements. I have a sun spot on the tip of my nose that was bugging me. Even with foundation on I could see it. But after one BBL treatment it’s no longer even noticeable. Talk about instant gratification. There’s no doubt I’ll be back to Next Health for more laser treatments. After all, why sip only once from the fountain of youth? 

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