Jamie Foxx raves about it; Leo DiCaprio has been photographed doing it; George and Amal swear by it and the Kardashians recently included a video of them playing it for their reality show.



Yes, we’re talking about pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport which is a mashup of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Easier to play than tennis, it’s still great exercise.

After our good friends pressed us into playing, we’re now fans, along with — it seems — everyone else.

Like any sport, your gear is important. After an old sports bag we were using to hold our rackets, balls, water bottle and cap fell apart we received an official Pickleball bag from Georgie + Lou.


The practical black ‘Traveler’ bag is so chic we’ve been using it as our regular purse, and then just adding in our rackets and balls as needed when we’re heading to the courts.

We love all the zipper pockets, the carabiner system that keeps the bag off the ground, the two removable adjustable straps so you can wear the bag over your shoulder or like a cross-body bag and that you can just wipe it clean when needed.


There’s a bag for every taste, including the Cheetah for the girl (or boy) who is into animal prints, but we love our classy go-anywhere accessory.

We swear it’s elevated our pickleball game.