These days, the only time most people are putting on makeup is for ZOOM meetings, unless you’re are a Beauty editor in which case you’re dabbling in the cosmetics arts every day. Here’s our latest discovery: SeneGence.



What’s to love?

There are a zillion shades and when they say it lasts 4-18 hours they’re not kidding. We put some on this morning and after lunch, it’s still giving us some color. It’s literally waterproof. And unlike most lip stains, it doesn’t dry out your lips.


The publicist also sent us the ShadowSense Crème to Powder Eyeshadow to try which starts out as a creme and changes to a powder on the eyes. Choose from matte or shimmer shades and again, there are a million colors.
Just like the lipstick/stain, it stays and stays. Which explains why we’re working from home, in our PJs, in bright shimmering blue eyeshadow. $22.


Naturally, the company makes a makeup remover since you’re going to need some help at the end of the day.

It’s called ‘Fooops! SenseCosmetics® Dual Phase Color Remover’ which activates when shaken. At $20 it’s expensive for a makeup remover, but it does the job without leaving an oily residue.

We liked the  LashSense VolumeIntense Mascarabut don’t think it’s worth $28. We’ll stick with our Lancôme Monsieur Big at 25 bucks, thanks.

All in all, we’re big fans of the SeneGence LipSense and ShadowSense (the ‘Platinum Glitter’ is our new fave highlighter.)

We won’t tell if you do a little online shopping today.