The greatest hits of 2022 have come from a combination of new and established talent. Prominent celebrities like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have their fair share of the market, but which emerging artists should be on your radar?


After scouring the most popular music genres, we’ve found a selection of the most gifted new musicians. So, without further ado, here are 11 up-and-comers you should keep an ear out for.

1. Bad Bunny

With over 50 million Spotify followers, it’s safe to say that Bad Bunny is already famous. He’s not on the same level of fame as someone like Pitbull just yet, but this Puerto Rican-born singer, rapper, and producer is definitely going places considering his current trajectory. His top three singles are “Pa Ti”, “Loco Pero Millonario”, and “Dime Si Vas a Volver”.


2. Reiley

Reiley is best described as one of the latest TikTok sensations, with around 11 million followers enthralled by his unique style and catchy lyrics. His first hit, “Let It Ring”, is a quirky combination of creative talent and pop culture references, demonstrating the 21-year-old’s ability to create music that incorporates viral social media content.

3. Courting

Courting is a UK-based indie band with a lot to say about the state of the world. Frontman Sean Murphy-O’Neill uses wit-filled lyrics to great effect, putting a spotlight on the idiosyncrasies we accept as norms of modern living. The energetic punk rhythms of Courting’s music are simply sublime and make an ideal partner for the punchy lyrics.


4. Priya Ragu

If you’re in the mood for a rare combo of R&B, soul, and hip-hop, Priya Ragu’s ambitious pop sounds will be right up your alley. Her mastery of multiple genres has turned her into a rising star, and she was recently featured in the BBC’s Sound of 2022. With that kind of endorsement, you can expect to hear her music worldwide in a matter of months.

5. Wallice

After the release of her first EP, Wallice immediately captured the attention of indie pop and rock fans. Her first tour was an immense success, and with two EPs coming over the next year, there’s a lot more of her powerful vocals on the way. Her lyrics are relatable and charming, revolving around life, love, and the perils of growing up.

6. Paris Texas

They might not have an album out yet, but Paris Texas possesses all the other signs of a global talent; the carefully crafted image, energetic live performances, and an expanding throng of listeners. The duo was heavily inspired by N.E.R.D, and their music fuses electric guitars and bass with melodic rap lyrics to reunite two of music’s most popular genres. 

7. Bakar

Four years ago, Bakar was an impressive young musician with a dream to lift himself out of the gutters of poverty. Now, he’s a well-established artist with tracks such as “Hell N Back”, which has over 120 million plays on Spotify. But his musical journey is far from over, and the Londoner is poised to reach a wider audience with the release of his debut album.




There’s a good chance you’ve never come across an artist like EKKSTACY before. The 20-year-old is the mad scientist of musicians, experimenting with indie, post-punk, synth wave, and a host of other genres. His songwriting is both intimate and cathartic, and his debut album has already been streamed over 25 million times on Spotify.

9. PinkPantheress

2021 was a year of rapid ascent for PinkPantheress. She became one of the UK’s latest sensations, starting with songs on TikTok and debuting her mixtape 10 months later. Her music and lyrics are distinct thanks to a hybrid of genres, from house and R&B to pop punk and emo rock, which is clearly a running theme for this year’s biggest rising stars.



10. spill tab

Seeing her career began in a tour management position, spill tab had a rather unconventional start to her musical journey. Her artistry is undeniable, though, and her debut EP proves that she has what it takes to reach worldwide recognition. Her melody-filled pop is layered and vibrant, making you want to put her songs on repeat time and time again.

11. Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity is an LA-based duo that started off in the underground scene, with once-off shows and close-knit groups of followers. Nowadays, they’re a social media sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers and a self-titled EP. Their alternative style is more than just pop bars and referential lyrics, bringing some creativity to a somewhat dated genre.