What doesn’t come with CBD (Cannabidiol) these days?

CBD is having a moment and while most of the time the amount added is too small to make any difference, there’s a premium skincare line, Kana Vita, that is infused with the maximum beneficial strength of CBD — more than double the amount found in most other formulas available, claims the company.

What’s to like:

  • Made in Switzerland with 97% ingredients of natural Alpine origins. Formulated by CBD experts with a background in Medical Cannabis.
  • Good-for-you ingredients including ingredients Edelweiss Flower (antioxidant ), Vitamin B-12, therapeutic essential oils and Swiss Mountain Water.
  • The CBD s extracted using CO2 – the purest and most efficient method currently available.
  • Kana Vita offers products are created in a state-of-the-art Swiss lab, using high-quality
    organic hemp together with other clean, powerful, quality natural ingredients.

We also liked the luxurious way it felt on our skin, the way it absorbed,  the brighter look we achieved, plus the hydration (always a problem in the winter months.) It can replace your toner and expensive Vit C lotion/serums.

Of course, the main benefit of CBD is its anti-inflammation properties so for anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, or Rosacea, the Kana Vita face and body lotion would fit the bill.  It’s pricey at $85 bucks, but figure you’ll actually save money by using this high-performance product in place of the all the other skincare items crowding your bathroom.

For more bang for your buck, upgrade to the balm ($100) which we basically use as an overnight mask. It immediately made a difference to our skin. Used sparingly, this will last a l-o-n-g time.











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