The New York Times examined the horrific footage from Tyre Nichols’s deadly fatal traffic stop and their analysis showed that the police screamed over 71 commands during the 13-minute beat down but Nichols couldn’t physically obey …so officers responded with even more force.



As Nichols tried to run up the street to his mother’s house you can clearly hear one officer snarl “I hope they stomp his ass.”

One bodycam footage saw police officers screaming ‘ON THE GROUND,’ while Nichols was clearly already sitting on the pavement. Nichols points out that he is sitting on the ground, as the officers instructed him to do, but one officer orders:

“Get on the ground! I’m gonna tase your ass.”

Three seconds later, one of the officers shoots pepper spray into Nichols’s face.



In another instance, one officer yells “Give me your fucking hands!” but one officer is pinning his arms behind his back, another gripping his handcuffed wrist and a third punching his face. When he can’t comply they pepper spray him again;

Tyre Nichols didn’t stand a chance.