Another actress – the Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o — has come forward with a Harvey Weinstein story today, which she shared in a New York Times editorial piece in hopes of ending what she calls a  “conspiracy of silence.”

Her first encounter with Harvey was at a screening of a film at the disgraced mogul’s home.Within five minutes, Weinstein led her into a bedroom and offered to give her a massage. She said ‘no.’
“I thought he was joking at first. He was not,” she wrote. “For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe.”
To get out of the situation, she offered to give him a massage instead.
“It would allow me to be in control physically, to know exactly where his hands were at all times,” she wrote.
When Weinstein informed her that he wanted to remove his pants, Nyong’o said it would make her “extremely uncomfortable.” She headed for the door and left.
She made sure that the next time she met with Harvey it was in a group, but when she arrived he immediately announced,  ‘Let’s cut to the chase. I have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal,'” she wrote. “I was stunned….He told me not to be so naïve. If I wanted to be an actress, then I had to be willing to do this sort of thing.”
She declined and was quickly told she could leave. Before taking off, N’yongo writes, she asked Weinstein if they were “good.”
She claims he said, “I don’t know about your career, but you’ll be fine.”
“It felt like both a threat and a reassurance at the same time; of what, I couldn’t be sure,” she wrote.
“There is clearly power in numbers. I thank the women who have spoken up and given me the strength to revisit this unfortunate moment in my past,” she wrote.
She added: “Though we may have endured powerlessness at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, by speaking up, speaking out and speaking together, we regain that power. And we hopefully ensure that this kind of rampant predatory behavior as an accepted feature of our industry dies here and now.”

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