After appearing as a special guest at a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Gardens Saturday night, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry collapsed backstage and was rushed to a hospital in New York.

Perry, 68, suffered from shortness of breath, according to a statement released by his spokesperson. Perry was “treated backstage by paramedics who gave the guitarist oxygen and used a tracheal tube to clear his airway before taking him to a hospital,” the statement said, adding that he is now “alert and responsive.”
As fans will remember, this is the second time this has happened to the Aerosmith guitarist —  in 2016 he guitarist passed out while on stage in Coney Island during a performance by his group the Hollywood Vampires.  It is not the first time the musician has been rushed to hospital after a show.
No word on whether Perry will still be able to play his mini-tour tour of 10 dates later this month.