On Wednesday’s show, MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested the idea that people who remain unvaccinated should have to pay a tax as a result of their ‘health care choice.’


‘They need to start to pay a little bit more of the cost of what this is doing to our system’

While respecting people’s choice to remain unvaccinated, the host outlined some of the other countries — and big companies — doing exactly that.



There is some precedence for this:

‘There are fines in places like Germany. Germany has stopped paying for the virus tests for people who choose to remain unvaccinated. They have ended quarantine pay for those without vaccinations. IKEA in the U.K. is slashing sick pay for those unvaccinated workers.’

Her idea caused an uproar on Twitter. Naturally.

‘You know what… come to my house and try to TAX my freedom,’ added user Jeff Liddle.

It’s good this user doesn’t work at Kroger as the company will stop some Covid benefits for those employees who refuse to get the vaccines.

For instance, the huge supermarket chain will no longer provide paid COVID-19 leave for unvaccinated employees and will apply a $50 monthly health insurance surcharge to salaried non-union workers who are unvaccinated and enrolled in a company healthcare plan.

And in Quebec, the premier of the French-speaking Canadian province announced Tuesday that adult residents who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will be charged a financial penalty.

Premier Francois Legault said not getting vaccinated leads to consequences for the health care system and ‘not all Quebecers should pay for that.’