Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the one you see standing behind Trump at every press conference recently admitted that not only does have to tell President Trump facts four times to get it to sink in but also he has repeatedly criticized Trump for publicly shaking hands and that he will ‘keep pushing’ to correct the inaccuracies about the coronavirus that are coming from the White House.

Notably missing from today’s White House briefing, we suspect the President saw the video of the good doctor visibly grimacing and then trying not to laugh behind Trump while he spouted his ‘hunch’ that a malaria drug might be the cure for the deadly virus.

(Trump claimed the anti-malaria drug hydrochloroquine could be a ‘game-changer’ in the fight against coronavirus, forcing  Dr. Fauci to later correct the facts: ‘There is no magic drug.’)


















In the interview with Science Magazine, the Doctor revealed he continually tries to correct Trump but that he  ‘can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down.’

Viewers noticed Dr. Fauci’s absence at the press briefing Monday morning:

















He added that telling Trump ‘things he doesn’t want to hear’ was a ‘risky business,’ and that he tries not to ’embarrass Trump.’

Trump seems to do just fine doing that on his own.