QMS MediCosmetics was founded by German trauma surgeon Dr. Erich Schulte after he discovered that adding collagen topically to damaged skin would help with healing. Scars were reduced and skin showed natural elasticity and a dramatically improved appearance.

The key was the molecular weight so that the collagen actually absorbed into the skin, instead of just sitting on top of the dermis (as most do.) This collagen-enhancing process became the foundation of the entire line.

And since the all-important collagen starts to deplete after age 30, the so-called ‘building block’ is essential to keep skin younger looking.

From CEO Mark Stanlein:

“You know probably why we need collagen (Collagen is a protein responsible for skin elasticity) and because QMS collagen products have 97% similarity to the DNA structure of collagen found in humans, If you compare this to the standard in cosmetic collagen the percentage used is only 77%.”


As he says, what makes the QMS line different from so many other collagen brands is that they don’t use synthetic collagen or marine collagen but rather bovine which is almost an identical match to humans.

The ‘hero’ of the line is the Collagen 3 Step Routine ($260.) which addresses the underlying cause of aging —  the loss of collagen and hydration. This unique set combines Day and Night Collagen serums featuring 70% natural soluble collagens and three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid with ‘Active Exfoliant’ 11%, a highly effective peeling system formulated from different fruit acids and enzymes. First, you peel then you apply either the day or night collagen.




We tried the Active Exfoliant  (for sensitive skin use once every 3-4 days) which left us with a healthy, rosy glow. Then, we dabbed on the collagen day which absorbed quickly.

At night, we diligently used the gentle EPIGEN POLLUTION DETOX CLEANSING GEL ($50) followed by the HYDRATING BOOST TONIC MIST ($50.) which prepared our skin for the night collagen.

We expected we’d see results in oh, a week or so, but within THREE days our skin was refreshed and our complexion glowed!



In an informative — and fascinating — ZOOM call with the brand’s Rowan Hall-Farrise, she stressed the 5 pillars of QMS: Treatment driven on the cause of the skin issue; Collagen focused products; German excellence standards; personalization within all regimens and Immediate skincare results.

The future of skincare is here.

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