We’ve all seen those persuasive before and after photos on infomercials, which purport to show the benefits of Crepe Erase, usually on the neck (the ageless Jane Seymour hacks their products.) Made by the same company that pushes Proactive and Meaningful Beauty, their marketing strategy is late-night TV commercials and infomercials, which make us leary to being with. When a PR person sent us some to review we jumped at the chance.

First of all, what is crepey skin? It’s named for that dry, crinkly tissue called…yes, you guessed it…crepe paper. You know it when it shows up on your neck and back of your hands, and yes, it’s a natural result of aging and the loss of collagen and elastin.
While there are botox and other fillers for wrinkles on your face and Juvederm (volume filler) for the back of the hands, your neck is the first place to give away your age. (There are surgical interventions such as a ‘neck’ lift or Platysmaplasty which tightens the neck ‘bands’ but we’re not discussing those options here.)
Dermatologists recommend using a moisturizer with key anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Latic acids, Glycolic Acid, and Retin A. Crepe Erase boasts that their ‘TruFirm Complex helps support the skin’s natural production of elastin. They claim ‘naturally derived extracts — apple, dill, and sage — ‘create visibly firmer, smoother skin you can see.’ Uh-huh.
So our intrepid writer tried it for three months and what did she experience?  Her neck and chest looked the same as before and while she felt the cream moisturized well (that’s the shea butter) it was heavy and sometimes stained her clothes. Results: zilch.
And there’s also a catch; when you order from the company website you are automatically signed up for repeat shipments with more charges to your credit card. A quick scroll through complaints found customers complaining that canceling is a nightmare.
In summary, you’re better off buying a good moisturizer or getting Retin-A from your dermatologist.

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