If the news cycle has you feeling anxious: Covid, Monkeypox, Cost of Living, Corrupt Politicians, et all –  layer that with the day-to-day demands on our busy lives, balancing work/life in this complex, disturbing present reality; if you’re feeling ‘off’, experiencing worry, unease and nervousness – well, who can f-king (< don’t tell the boss EIC, but this calls for F-bomb emphasis – ha!) blame you!
Before you head for the fetal position after making a dent in your go-to bottle of plonk, consider an alternative ‘tonic’. Meet, TONIC.
TONIC is a plant-based CBD brand that claims to help calm your mind, comfort your body and nurture your nature. Sounds good enough to put to the test, so we did.
The stand-out product is the CHILL TONIC. We tested this for a few weeks, and the jury is back from deliberation: it’s fantastic.
Chill is like giving your mind a comforting hug. It sort of softens out and rounds out the edges, without making you feel ‘high’ like a THC product would.
Did it release all pangs of anxiety and put us fully in the CHILL zone? Of course not. Is it a helpful aid during moments of stress? 100% it is!
A dropper under the tongue. Let it do its thing for a while, and soon enough, the mood felt more balanced and the mind a touch calmer. What’s not to like about that?
Explore the brand: https://www.tonicvibes.com/
CHILL TONIC retails at $70.00

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