Arrival equals the beautiful Amy Adams, some not so beautiful aliens, and a time line that can only be described as a Mobius (geek BF’s word—Google it.)

The story is clever —which means you can’t stray into the abyss of your cell phone and follow this tale. 

Based on the short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chaing,  Arrival follows linguist Dr. Louise Banks (played by Adams) as she helps crack the language of the newly arrived aliens who have taken up residence on various parts of the earth.  Fear and hysteria ensue as everyone interprets the alien language to suit their own gain. Adams is cool—and manages to—well you have to see it.

There are almost two stories unfolding at the same time in this unique script—or is it just one?  Kudos to screenwriter Eric Heisserer (I say Oscar nom) as well as director Denis Villeneuve, (also deserves an Oscar nod)– this edgy tale takes you on a ride that you’ll be thinking about days after you see it.

Hire a sitter, cancel Pilates, and step out this weekend–don’t miss Arrival!

5 wine glasses (drink later, pay attention during the film)


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Lisa DiGiovine is a yacht owning, Ph.d with a trust fund and a penchant for lying--except when it comes to movies. She loves them. She worships them and outside of a good glass of wine and a date with her boyfriend and a cuddle with her pets---can be found mesmerized in a dark theatre in the back row--losing herself in a marvelous adventure. Lisa is an unscripted TV producer with 3 Emmy nominations and a delirious sense of humor.

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