Editor’s Note: We saw this product on TikTok; bought it on Amazon and sent it to our Beauty writer, Susie, to review.
Last night we tried AngelicMisto Instant Tighten & Lift anti-aging cream. There is a “read before use” disclaimer on both the side of the bottle and the box it comes in that says, “The anti-aging results are temporary. It lasts less than one day. You may feel a tightening sensation in the first few minutes, which is a sign the product is settling into the pores, lines, and wrinkles and starting to dry, temporarily pulling the skin tighter together.”
Further down the instructions it also says do not make facial expressions for two minutes to allow the cream to set and dry.


The tightening effect started nearly immediately and while not painful, it was not pleasant. Committed to seeing it all the way through, we sat stone-faced for two minutes, and in that 120 seconds we had an epiphany. We are ready to accept the fine lines and wrinkles.
This isn’t a bad product and we can see how this will deliver its promised results of looking younger for less than a day. But the tightening feeling was a physical reminder that we aren’t younger anymore, and the fresh-faced feeling we had when we washed the cream off was bliss. Coming to terms with aging is something we all arrive at differently, and every path is okay. We would say this product will do what it promises, so if you are looking for a short-term way to take a few years off, this might be what you are looking for. And while we won’t be using it again, we are thankful for the peace it brought us about the lines that come with age, and we are ready to accept them.
Now if only we could accept the dark circles under our eyes!