We have a few formal floor-length dresses which we carefully have hanging in dry cleaner bags, but one is folded over the hanger so now has a crease and the other’s hem is collecting dust bunnies. Ugh.

So an enterprising Mom, Jessica Davidoff,  designed the patented smart hanger, COVE,  as a practical alternative.

With its patented top lock, simply fold the longer bottom of your garment over and through the hanger and then snap it in place. We got the hang of it (pun intended )after a few tries.



This also means we have more room on the floor of our closet to store stuff (like shoes.) While it takes up a little more room — about the space of a padded hanger — it’s worth it to know my few good dresses are protected.


The only downside is the price — $28 for one.

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