There’s just something so powerful about company t-shirts. They provide excellent marketing, enhance workforce unity, and cement a strong business image that pops among the competition. You should get some for your business because nothing looks “established” than hundreds of people wearing your company logo in and out of the office.

This article will provide tips for making a killer company t-shirt that potential customers and employees will enjoy wearing.


1. Identify the Goal of the Shirt

Knowing the purpose of your shirt will help you create a design that fits its specific goal. A giveaway for potential customers at a convention differs from company uniforms at a team-building event in terms of meaning. Some shirts are made to deliver brand recall, others to portray a unified company. So always identify the reason for making a company shirt to create a design that makes sense.





2. Know the Proper Printing Option

There are many printing methods you can consider for your company t-shirt. But, for custom t-shirts, it has to be screen printing. Screen printing provides durable, clear, and bright images that stay on shirts for a long time. It’s also the most affordable option, especially if you buy customized t-shirts in bulk.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something smart casual, you can go with embroidered polo shirts to bring that professional look to the office.


3. Design Placement

Your shirts won’t have an effect if they don’t have your branding on the design. This means logos and colours that represent your company’s identity. The most common design placements for shirts are the upper-front center, top-back center, full back, and front pocket. All these will work well for your branding and provide a professional finish, whether you’re making giveaways or company uniforms.




Of course, you don’t have to be limited to your company logo. You can still play with texts, illustrations, or any design element that fits your company branding. If you don’t have the knack to do such designs and don’t have the right people for it, you can always look for professionals at many freelancing platforms online.


4. Choose the Proper Fabric

Always remember that no beautiful design will work on an uncomfortable shirt material. Always go for the suitable fabric that users will enjoy. There are cotton, polyester, and more.

The goal of the shirt can also dictate its fabric. For instance, if users wear them for team-building events, the shirts should be more breathable for maximum comfort during activities. Meanwhile, cotton is excellent for day-to-day wear in the workplace.

5. Take Time Before Printing

Finally, these shirts will be more than just clothing items. If done correctly, they can be one of the best marketing materials your company will put out there. So it’s best to brainstorm first with the team and take as much time as you need before you give the project the green light. If you’re aiming to print shirts for an event, it’s best to do the planning months in advance.


For Better Team Effort

Custom t-shirts are symbols that companies can use to showcase the image of unity and a competent business. But, to get such effects, don’t just slap your logo on a shirt and call it a day. You must sit down with a team and take the time to get the perfect design.