In a nasty, insult-ridden speech Thursday Trump railed against his enemies and vowed revenge, even though his own party has begged him to ‘move on.’ Deviating from his carefully written speech, the President rambled about “dirty cops,” “leakers,” “liars” and “bad people” whom he of course blamed for his impeachment.

“It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars,” Trump said of all the investigations that have dogged his presidency since he was elected.

Calling FBI leaders ‘top scum’ he also ranted against Nancy Pelosi in his hate-filled speech, saying she is a ‘horrible person’ and is getting his revenge on Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, who was the first person in the White House to report Trump’s ‘improper’ call with Ukraine President Zelensky (the one where Trump asked for a ‘favor ‘ in exchange for releasing the aid package to the country.)

Trump announced today he is firing the purple heart veteran, who will be reassigned to a lower post. Watch your back, Mitt Romney.

Nancy Pelosi is untouchable but Trump will continue to aim ugly insults at her. Sadly, this is the political landscape from now on.