We’ve all read about the monstrous Icon of the Seas cruise ship…a virtual floating city that set off on its maiden voyage  January 27.

And for ‘only’ 100k a week you can book the ‘Ultimate Family Townhouse,’ a new suite that is like one big playroom.

At 1,772 square feet, the townhouse can accommodate up to 8 guests, perfect for family reunions.

While the ship offers tons of activities, there are lots of things to do in this townhouse, such as play on the slide that connects the second and main levels, an in-suite theater with karaoke, and table tennis on the patio.



Icon of the Seas is quick to point out the perks that come with the suite;  free Wi-Fi, laundry priority embarkation and disembarkation, and a Royal Genie that will grant their wishes during their stay, (like making reservations for onboard restaurants.)

For $100,000 we would hope so.