This Caffeine Eye Serum on Amazon opened our eyes, in an unexpected way When an anti-aging caffeine eye serum promises to visibly reduce dark eye circles (our biggest problem), puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, and sagging eyelids for just $20, is it too good to be true? A quick glance at its 4.4 rating on Amazon with more than 1,200 reviews is encouraging as well and we started to wonder, have we found a holy grail?!


We have been using this caffeine eye serum for a few weeks now, and the answer is, not exactly. The serum feels light and has no smell, it applies well and does give eyes an ever-so-slightly brighter appearance, but it definitely isn’t living up to all its claims. This got us wondering, how did 1,200 people feel so differently?


We went back and started to read the reviews, and now more than sharing whether this product is worth your money (probably not), we want to suggest being wary of Amazon ratings and reviews. As we began to read the many posts, it was clear that the vast majority were NOT about the eye serum. Some were clearly about hair care products or hair dye, many seemed to be about a pore refining serum from the same company, vaginal tighteners (spoiler alert: many people say those burn and cause yeast infections), and so much more. What we never found was a review that was clearly about this caffeine eye serum.

So, in the spirit of leaving an honest review in the style of Amazon, this serum gets 2/5 stars with the conclusion, don’t waste your money.