Hyde Park is one of the most iconic towns in New York City. Did you know that President Franklin D Roosevelt’s birthplace is there too? If you visit New York, Hyde Park would be a great place to explore some sanctity from the crowded city’s madness and glimmer.

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Camping near Hyde Park NY

Reconnect with nature and your peers by taking time off your screens and find inner bliss by camping near Hyde Park. We have compiled the best spots for camping for your convenience:

● Hudson Valley Farm Camping: You can view the scenic mountains, spend the night by a warm bonfire looking at the star-studded sky and go kayaking on the tranquil Hudson River. This site is close to many wineries and distilleries. Do make sure to get a sip of some of the most exquisite beverages in the city.

● Beaver’s Brook: You can enjoy a little concert by the birds at night while you are relinquishing a warm campfire. The site provides you a lot of personal space to do whatever helps you connect with nature. They also present you with a picnic table for a delicious meal!

● Bonflower Farm Campsite: Are you ready to be greeted by a Great Pyrenees puppy who will make your camping experience happier than ever? Bonflower has 11 campsites to choose from for your preference, and they are close to all the beautiful creations of nature, such as glacial lakes!

Places to visit in Hyde Park NY

● Vanderbilt’s Mansion: This mansion is almost everyone’s dream residence. A remarkable and monumental space with fifty-four rooms and a well-maintained garden, it occupies about 200-acre land along the tranquil Hudson River. This mansion was a summer residence where Vanderbilt threw lavish parties for the rich and elite. It took about three years for the mansion’s construction, and it has the Beaux-Arts style of architecture.



● Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site: Eleanor Roosevelt always battled social justice in her Val-kill cottage, which served as both; home and office. The Dutch house has lovely surroundings, and there are walking tours that provide you detailed information about the place and give you requisite insight into history.



Hotels in New Hyde Park NY

Every day will be full of adventure and fun in Hyde Park, and we all love coming back to a comfortable and luxurious experience to rejuvenate. To make your experience relaxing and complacent, we have collected a list of hotels for you to choose from to stay during your visit.

1. Roosevelt Inn

2. Journey Inn Bed and Breakfast

3. Fairfield Inn and Suites Great Barrington Lenox/Berkshires

4. Quality Inn Hyde Park

5. Rodeway Inn and Suites

Roosevelt Theatre Hyde Park NY

Your trip to Hyde Park would be incomplete without a visit to the Roosevelt Theatre. The theatre came into operations way back in 1949, and the Liggett-Florin Booking service led the operations.

Although the theatre has evolved with time to incorporate multiple screens, it still has its charm. What better way to spend a captivating evening than watching a fantastic movie in one of the most historic theatres of all time?


Hyde Park Free Library

If you are a book fanatic, you should pay a visit to the Hyde Park Free Library. The ambiance, scent of remarkable books, and a charming Georgian architectural style will sweep you off your feet.

Sarah Delano Roosevelt built the library in the recollection of her husband, James Roosevelt. Henry Toombs was the principal architect, and he received inputs from Franklin Roosevelt as well. Although the library’s construction costs were on the Roosevelt family, it was purchased by the town board in 1947.

You might likely pen something emotionally stirring because the setting can get your veins flowing with creative blood. You could always carry your favorite book and pen to jot down these verses.



Hyde Park is an exciting place to vacation and different from ordinary experiences. It is not glamorous, but it provides the much-needed sanity to the mind. The little things bring real joy to life, and Hyde Park gives you these little experiences away from the monotonous routine.

We would also like to convey that after applying for the US ESTA you must frequently check ESTA status to ensure that you will have it just in time for your trip. Hyde Park is waiting to embrace you with its arms wide open!