Trump went back on the campaign trail, holding huge rallies, even though his doctors will not say he has tested negative after having the deadly virus.



On Fox this weekend he claimed, “I’m immune. So, the President is in very good shape to fight the battles.”

But Twitter saw it differently and tagged one of Trump’s tweets with a warning reading that he was spreading misleading information about the virus.

Trump continued his tweetstorm, writing ‘Be strong and vigilant, it will run its course. Vaccines and cures are coming fast!,’ This despite the fact that there clearly will not be a vaccine by election day and cases of COVID rising in the US and around the Globe.



While Trump’s doctor cleared Trump to end his quarantine, he still won’t say whether the President is contagious, putting everyone at his rallies at risk. Hope that Trump’s own experience with the virus might have made him more sympathetic and open to listening to health officials was for naught.

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