The White House just announced that 100 MILLION Americans are fully vaccinated so that’s 30% of US adults. An astounding 220 million shots have been given in just the last 100 days. And covid deaths are at their lowest level of 2021 at 628 a day

The bad news? Vaccinations have tapered off as the reluctant or anti-vaxxers refuse to get the life-saving shot. As variants continue to spread in the world and the U.S. this slows down the chance of reaching herd immunity (when 75%-80% of the population vaccinated.)

For instance, appointments for the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine have decreased by about 50% in Los Angeles County,



We are treating the battle against the virus like the war that it is,’ said White House Covid response coordinator Jeff Zients during the Friday press briefing.

Yet, unless more Americans get vaccinated life won’t go back to anything resembling normal any time soon.