Nut butters and jams are food staples in my kitchen. Almond, cashew, sunflower, and peanut butter are the main types, and as for jams, we only stick to two: raspberry and strawberry. With picky eaters in the house (toddler and teenager), a delicious peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich is universal in pleasing everyone, not to mention healthy!

As you do when you have a favorite dish, I have my go-to brands. However, I’m always on the lookout for new artisanal brands to keep it fresh. And, after tasting the Spread the Love nut butters and jams, they have made my go-to list.

The Organic Naked Peanut Butter is deliciously creamy and boasts only one ingredient: peanuts! With no added sugars, salt or palm oil, this is as close to perfectly healthy as you can get. However, the Unsalted Crunch Almond Butter comes in pretty close, made with ONLY high quality, non-GMO California dry roasted almonds, this butter has the right amount of crunch.

What I also love about these nut butters, is that they have the perfect consistency to drizzle on foods, both savory and sweet and are a great addition to smoothies and fruit. Versatility? Check!

As I mentioned before, raspberry jam is my ultimate favorite and Spread the Love has got it right! Tart and sweet, this is the perfect companion for our simple PB&J’s. Their Marionberry Artisan Jam is great for those who prefer a tad more sweetness over tartness; however, I’ve always been drawn to the tart. One of the best features of their jams is that they’re not made with pectin, only fresh quality fruit and a bit of sugar, so they spread easily and evenly; perfect!

Looking for a sweet origin story, well Spread the Love has that, too!

Founders Val and Zach Fishbain started the Spread the Love brand almost by accident. They started off making peanut butter as a gift for friends and family who attended their wedding, and from there the rest is history. Thanks for sharing the love with the rest of us, Val and Zach!

Spread the Love is made in California in small batches with only premium ingredients. They’re all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, salt-free, kosher, no GMO, no palm fruit oil and no junk. Check out the Spread the Love website for recipes and ways to order.