Nothing takes me back faster to my teens than the smell of Bonnie Bell 10.0.6 astringent cleanser, their ‘Blushing Gels,’ and the scented Lip Smackers. Best of all, I could afford the line with money from my after school job.

Decades later, the granddaughters of the Bell family have improved upon the line, christening it Formula 10.0.6 and added an acne-fighting ‘Skin So Clear’ collection, and three Vitamins lines, including Vit C for ‘mature skin.’

It’s everything you need at prices you can afford.

The popular acne-fighting line is aimed directly at a teen audience, and still within their budget,for example, their popular Acne-Fighting Cleanser is $8.99.

The fun line of masks are $6.99 each and range from detox to skin hydrating, and the washes and scrubs are made for the entire family.

We have been trying the ‘Night Work’ Vitamin A Renewing Retinol Sleep Mask ($15) which is mild enough for young skin and brightens the complexion.

The Vitamin C line combines ascorbic acid with powerful AHA’s (Alpha-hydroxy acids) which gently peel away the dead skin to reveal a more evenly pigmented complexion. Try the Melt Away Vitamin C cleanser which sloughs away the dead skin. A steal at $10.

Beauty was never so inexpensive.