Mom’s always multi-tasks but this year the head of the family also filled in as the de facto teacher as school moved to remote learning.  Show her how much you appreciate her (even if she didn’t run homeroom.)

Here are a few of our faves:

Regular readers know we are huge Kai fans, and they have the perfect gift this year-a Kai gift bag with  perfume oil, body lotion, body wash, matches, nightlight candle and kai tank. ($98.) She’ll think of you every time someone tells her she smells divine.


Treat your mom (or yourself) this Mother’s Day! The YENSA Bundle includes full-sized BC Foundation, BC Concealer, Tone Up Primer and Blending Sponge. Beloved in Asia, the brand combines science with Superfoods to create superior skincare. ($90.)



Founded in 2005, Brilliant Earth is the global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry, offering a wide range of Lab and Natural Diamonds and Gemstones. Their mission included using only Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds that have been selected for their ‘ethical and environmentally responsible origins.’

With every purchase, 5% of Brilliant Earth’s profits are donated directly to communities impacted by the jewelry trade – making it a gift is one everyone can feel good about.

And who wouldn’t want something sparkly?



The coolest mother’s Day Gift: Hot Girls Pearls. Hot Girls Pearls cooling jewelry are the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. The patented lightweight pearls are filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. Just throw them in the freezer for four hours. Great for menopause and those nasty hot flashes or hot days…

You can’t go wrong with the classic ivory necklace. ($75.)




For the ultimate mask treatment, treat Mom to Mom Susan Ciminelli’s Sea Clay Mask with Sea Clay, Algae Extract, Purified Seawater, (moisturizes, nourishes, antiseptic) plus Aloe Vera, Essential Oil of Chamomile, and other ingredients to calm breakouts and perk up your skin. Perfect before a big event, or just to look your best. $55.



Keep the wine, drop the headache with Drop It Wine Drops, the only all-natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine. We always used to get a headache with red wines but not anymore. $13.99 for a single bottle.




You are probably familiar with the Blissy silk pillowcases which are great for your hair and your skin. You’re in luck — there’s a Mother’s Day sale right now, just plug  BLISSYMOM35 for 35% off.

And now get the same supreme quality silk used for the signature Blissy silk pillowcase in mask form! $16.95.

Here’s to Mom’s everywhere!

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