TENZING Adventure Pack.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade Dad from Ivory soap to some classy grooming products. We like TENZING, a brand-new men’s skincare brand of aloe based products that perform and smell wonderful, uh, make that  ‘manly.’ Available in Sage Mint or Sandalwood, the set retails for $55.00. Even the packaging is clean and sleek.

TENZING’s Adventure Pack (Pictured above.)

  1. The Pre-Shave Oil
  • A combination of rich oils (acai, olive oil and grape seed oils) blended together to create pre-shave perfection.
  1. The Premium Shave Cream
  • Organically formulated with an aloe base, the shave cream strengthens and hydrates skin while supplying a smooth and comfortable shave.
  1. The Face Moisturizer
  • Organically crafted moisturizer fights early signs of aging, tones skin and leaves you feeling ready with aloe and grapeseed oil.