Always in search of the best moisturizing cleanser that won’t dry out my skin, I was eager to try the Melt by Melissa Oat Mylk Creamy Cleanser ($57). 

The Melt by Melissa brand embraces empowerment and positivity in its messaging and equates skin care with soul care to embrace your happiest, healthiest skin. 


Regarding cleansers, the brand states: “Our cleansers are designed for all skin babes to deep clean without drying us out, gently exfoliate dead, dull skin daily, and add back essential nutrients to our delicate barrier.”

Well, this skin babe didn’t find the ultimate result and found my skin rather dried out from the Oat Mylk Creamy Cleanser.$57. I must caveat that even the most nourishing skin cleanser is drying for me so those with a more normal PH might find it helpful. 

The ingredient list: oats, aloe vera, apple extract, malic acid (from apples) and peppermint. All sounds good, right? The scent, however, is another matter. I’m used to the enhanced scent in beauty products, so the smell of this product was not pleasant. 

I also had a tough time reading the ingredient list on the bottle—the white type on the rose-colored bottle is faint and not legible. (Not twenty with 20/20 vision just sayin’.)

Based on the cleanser, not sure this line is a go for people with dry skin. But I could be all dried up.


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Julie Schlax-Patrick is a strategic and creative marketing communications consultant for entertainment, consumer products and start-up companies. She often has “one more question” because she loves learning about people and their stories. When not working, Julie is passionate about art, photography and creative expression. And she loves laughing. A lot.

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