Collagen is in everything you can think of these days, from supplements to skincare and now Joico has added it to its new line — Youthlock –of shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks.

It makes sense since every cell in the body has a life cycle, and that includes your hair strands. Reduced collagen is the reason for hair loss and hair thinning with age, so adding the vital nutrient makes a big difference.

‘But aren’t hair strands dead?’ you ask. Actually, only the part you can see is made from dead cells, but not the all-important dermis which contains the roots of the hair. This is where collagen can spur hair growth, and repair damaged strands.

We love the way it leaves our hair shiny and manageable, and yes, younger-looking.

While the science is out on whether taking an oral collagen supplement can help, applying it directly — to skin or hair — can make a difference.

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