The beauty secret of supermodels and dermatologists everywhere, the Blissy silk Pillowcases, are worth their weight in, well, mulberry silk.



After one night, we gave away all our cotton cases and stocked up on the Blissy.

What’s the difference?

Besides the fact that silk is completely natural and hypoallergenic, it feels luxurious and is better for your skin and hair. Silk naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping our complexion clear and you don’t wake up with those overnight creases that make it look like you slept on a rock.

Then there’s the added bonus of being cooler, which has been a godsend this summer.

And the friction-free surface leaves our hair smooth — no more bed head!

We want to share the joy, so we’re giving away three standard champagne-colored Blissy (regularly $89.95.) Just comment on our Instagram post (@dailycandidnews) or follow us on Facebook.

Who knew we could get so excited over a pillowcase?