If you travel a lot, then you probably already know about the Crystal Cabin Awards, which highlight new innovations in air travel.

We’re excited about Air New Zealand’s ‘Skynest’ concept, which imagines ‘sleeping pods’ made up of six lie-flat bunk beds, so you can catch some sleep.

“Being a small country at the bottom of the world, long-haul travel is vital to keeping us connected and allowing tourists to visit our beautiful country,” Kerry Reeves, Air New Zealand’s head of aircraft programs explained.

The pods are arranged like bunk beds, made up of two rows, each containing three beds, bookable for approximately four hours.

Air New Zealand has already built several prototypes.

What will this cost, you ask? “At this stage, each passenger will be limited to a four-hour session in one pod, at an additional cost to their regular Economy class seats,” says the rep.

The plan is to provide each pod with a full-size pillow, sheets and blanket along with earplugs, privacy curtains and lighting. (And yes, they’ll change the bedding after each passenger.)

Other features being explored include a separate reading light, a USB outlet for personal devices and a ventilation outlet.

The plan is just for six sleeping pods ( in the economy cabin) so the expectation is that you’ll book your shut-eye with your ticket.

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