We all know words are powerful and we quickly make emotional connections to statements we read or hear, sometimes subconsciously. As marketing continues to evolve to be more social, keeping this in mind is key as you craft messaging that will resonate positively with your target audiences. Enter Boost Editor from Boost Linguistics, the only content editor whose analysis is powered by IBM’s powerful supercomputer Watson, though they use their own proprietary tech for suggestions. By using this combination of artificial intelligence and their own algorisms, it helps marketers select the emotionally charged language most ideal for engaging their target audience. 

Boost Linguistics founders Ethan Bresnahan (left), Alexandra Dodson and Jeff Nowak.

Founded out of Drexel University by three students who saw that so many businesses are struggling to break through the noise, Boost Linguistics offers an intelligent text editor that runs emotional analysis on your writing, offering textual improvements designed to help you better optimize your content and make that critical emotional connection. As one of the companies advisers stated after analyzing a UK study that found emotional messages are three times more effective at reaching customers than promotional ones, “Emotion beats promotion.” This is where a tool like Boost Editor really starts to show its value. 
Boost Editor is different from any other text editor because they are the only platform to be powered by Watson’s AI, ensuring users are getting suggestions that are proven to invoke the desired emotions. And while the AI behind the platform is a unique benefit, the company stresses that Boost Editor will NEVER replace the human element, but rather augment it.
Boost Editor offers several purchase options, including $49/month for unlimited amounts of content or a la carte pricing per document, making it highly affordable for companies at any stage. You can’t afford NOT to use Boost.