Have you heard about the Billie razor yet? It’s the female brand focused, subscription-based company that sends you shaving supplies on your schedule. No more dull razors or dashing to Target for a blade refill. After signing up, decide the frequency of your delivery ( we opted for once a month.)

Your cute starter kit consists of a Billie handle, the magnetic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges for only $9.

What we liked:

  • Getting the Billie razors right to our front door.
  • Cute, bright packaging and ergonomic handle.
  • BEST shave of our life
  • Our legs felt silky smooth, no cuts, no razor burn
  • Legs still feel like cashmere, even the day after.
  • The price (‘natch.)

And did we mention the magnetic razor holder? It’s something you didn’t even know you needed but now couldn’t live without.

We give this a big thumbs-up!


About The Author

Mackenzie is studying medicine at PENN Hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga and traveling.

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