“Betrayed: The incredible untold inside story of the two most unlikely drug-running grannies in Australian history” written by insider Sandi Logan, is almost unbelievable except it’s a real-life tale.

(Full disclosure: Sandi Logan is a friend.)

From the book:

“In 1977, Vera ‘Toddie’ Hays and Florice ‘Beezie’ Bessire thought they were about to embark on the trip of a lifetime when Vera’s nephew, Vern Todd, offered them a campervan to drive from Germany to India. Little did the women know that Vern and his accomplices would secretly pack two tonnes of hashish into the vehicle along the way.”

This incredible story traces Toddie and Beezie’s journey across continents and oceans to their arrest in Australia by narcotic agents (a $19 million haul!). Journalist Sandi Logan interviewed them at the time and knew something was fishy, ultimately helping the two grannies fight for justice.

Set up by a family member, the Australian authorities threw the book at them, sentencing them to 14 years imprisonment with no non-parole.

Author Sandi Logan with Vera ‘Toddie’ Hays, 59, and Florice ‘Beezie’ Bessire.

It was only after five years in jail that Toddie and Beezie were freed and allowed to return home to the U.S. They never saw Vern again, who deserted them when they were arrested.

It makes a great read, and, not surprisingly, is being made into a movie. Available everywhere great books are sold.