Designed to unite all people on the planet, The World Painting broke the Guinness World Record for…wait for it… ‘Most People in Online Video Using and Passing a Paint Brush.’


 ‘One Canvas, 2,020 Brushes and One Message of Unity,’ says the site.

The brainchild of DPartners founders Daut Shaikhislamov and Dana Ormanbayeva, they came up with the concept of The World Painting to ‘unite people through creativity’ as an independent project at Dubai EXPO 2020.  Anyone who visited the expo could grab a paintbrush and join in.

“We have long wanted to direct our creativity to harness a powerful global collaboration in one art project,” said Shaikhislamov. “We have space at our national pavilion and we thought it was an incredible way to engage with thousands of people.” 

The Painting will be on display through March so if you visit, be sure to add your mark.