These days, we’re all checking the ingredients of our makeup because who wants to lather on chemicals that are absorbed into our bloodstream? But then again, we’re not willing to give up what works.

Vapour Beauty (which used to be Vapour Organics) solves the problem with a beautiful line of makeup that the company says is ‘100 percent natural and chemical free with 70 percent certified organic ingredients and mineral-based pigments.’


Just like the name implies, the line is neither a powder, liquid or cream but transforms on your skin to deliver skin perfected. Since it’s a botanical line, it’s good for your skin as the same time.

Take the Soft Focus Foundation, a  semi-translucent veil that diffuses skin with light so your natural glow shines through. It’s a foundation that adapts to your skin and since it’s non-comedogenic, your skin can breathe so you won’t get breakouts. And we love the way it made our skin look. ($48.) If you have oily skin, use their skin-perfecting Gentle Illuminating Primer first. ($50.) It made us look so good we’ve worn it on its’ own without any foundation!

Add the AURA MULTI STICK which gives a natural blush and does double duty as a lipstick and perks up your eyes with one swipe. ($36.) We don’t leave home without it.


If you have trouble figuring out your shade (pretty much all of us) they have this brilliant ‘Clean Swaps’ page where you pick a product you already use and ‘swap’ it out for a similar Vapour one. (See below.)

As with all ‘stick’ makeup make sure you don’t ‘pull’ at the skin while applying.


And how about this for a compliment? One of our girlfriends told us we were looking ‘great’ and didn’t think we were wearing any makeup! (We turned them on to the brand of course …girlfriends share.)






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